Flight Conditions ● Unable to fly in any type of rain conditions.
● It is too dangerous to fly if the wind speed is 8m/s or higher.
● In the event that we are requested by the client to shoot in wind speed conditions of more than 8m/s and the aircraft, lens, camera, helicopter are damaged due to a crash - the client will be held financially responsible for all repairs or replacement of equipment should it be deemed repair isn't feasible. Additionally, TAK will not bear financial responsibility for any damage or harm to third parties property, person or anything else.
● Ask us for a full consultation before we agree to night or above-water flights.

Restricted Airspace ● Near transmission lines, the general public, such as houses, close to the airport, interference of ordinary road, highway, railway.
● Flying in a public place must be registered with the police and or local governments and approved in advance.
● We'll need to perform a location inspection for new locations prior to shooting to confirm airspace surrounding the site location and check radio wave conditions.

Other Notes ● We will bring a back up of the RC Multi-Rotor Helicopter that is selected for your location shoot. However, we cannot take responsibility of non completion of the shoot, if under the rare circumstance that both aircraft have technical difficulties or are damaged during the location. Please understand.
Typically, we will prepare the cameras used on our helicopters during the location shoot. Please prepare a SD memory card.
We can also provide a memory card, but we do not assume responsibility for the loss of recorded data by the damage of the recording media.
We have up to 500 million yen in personal/property liability insurance. We recommend you prepare unlimited insurance to cover any other cases of damage to personal or property during the location shoot that is not covered under our insurance.

We will ask for confirmation of the above listed items after receiving your request for our service. Your returned signature of our documentation will be proof of your contractual agreement to our conditions.